When I'm At The Water's Edge

by Chris Falson

Teach me Lord Chris Falson © 2000 Chris Falson Teach me Lord how to wait on you And leave my troubles far behind me Renew my mind and restore my soul Will you teach me Lord how to wait on you Lead me Lord to a quiet place I can call my very own When the road is long and the nights are cold Will you lead me Lord to a quiet place And I will run and not grow weary I will walk and not grow faint And I will fly like an eagle As I wait
Holy Spirit Chris Falson ©1997 Chris Falson Music Holy Spirit help me to forgive Holy Spirit help me to forget And please remove these splinters That blind these eyes of mine Holy Spirit help me to forgive Holy Spirit teach me how to love Holy Spirit show me how to honor And please remove this poison That’s in this heart of mine Holy Spirit teach me how to love And forgive me, please forgive me For holding on to things past And help me to let go That I may follow you
More of Jesus Chris Falson ©1997 Chris Falson Music The world and its desires Will quickly fade away As I lift my eyes from me Onto you And though I walk in darkness Your truth (path) so plain to see As I lift my eyes from me Onto you You have honored me With riches beyond compare All I ask of you Is more of Jesus More of Jesus More of Jesus In my life
The Throne Room Chris Falson ©1997 Chris Falson Music I have seen the courtyard of the King I have heard his angels singing I will cross the oceans for my Lord I will share his love with many But His throne room is the place I long to be And His holiness is calling out to me Enter in, enter in Lay your life down on the alter Enter in, enter in Bring your worship into the throne room I have climbed a mountain for my Lord I have seen the world through his eyes I will tear down strongholds for my King I will taste his milk and honey But his throne room is the place I long to be And His holiness is calling after me Chorus
Wash My Sins Away Chris Falson ©1997 Chris Falson Music I have brought to you A contrite heart I do not want my sin To separate you from me So I kneel at the cross Where your blood was shed To let it wash all over me Let it wash Let it wash Let it wash all over me For just one drop One precious drop Will wash my sins away I have brought to you A broken heart I do not want my ways To separate me from you So I kneel at the cross Where your blood was shed To let it wash all over me
When I’m With You © Chris Falson/EMI 2000 You are my shepherd I shall not want You make me lie down in pastures green And the waters still My anxious soul When I’m with You You guide me on paths of righteousness Through the valley of the shadow of death And no evil Will befall me When I’m with you You prepare a table just for me In the presence of my enemies And your anointing flows Over me When I’m with you


When each of us are at our best we are calm and wise folk. We are at rest within ourselves, we are sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others... we are agents of hope, peace and love to those around us.

Then there’s the unfortunate reality that we find ourselves during most hours of most days… when we are at war with ourselves… especially in this season of disruption. Fear becomes our greatest foe and if we are not careful, we so easily fall into the trap set for us, wallowing in its dark, cold and hopeless prison of despair, gloom and doom. 

It is said that we should be thankful for hard times and today I can say amen to that… for if it weren't for these calamitous times and, the recognition that the dark clouds have for too long been stealing my joy, I may not have returned to my cave of guitars and songs to do what I know to do best.

I cannot cure the virus or aid the doctors and scientists in their endeavor to do so. I cannot feed all of the poor or house the homeless or advise the government leaders on what to do next. And being in a constant state of anxiety… worrying about the virus, or of tomorrow, of what I may eat or if I can pay the bills or, of what may become of us all… will not help me or anyone else… but rather drive me in the fast lane towards a state of madness (which is fast becoming the 51st state of the union.)

But there’s one thing I can do that gives me peace of mind… and sets me on a path to be at my best, to be the man of peace, hope and love that I was born to be... and that is… to pick up my old guitar, to sing and strum and go seeking out the God of the uncomplicated love. It may seem like such a simple endeavor and yet it is one that has soothed this troubled soul for many a year.

And so it is… that I am recording some of my own ‘quiet times’ and making them available for others… so that they can either use my medicine as their own or... be inspired perhaps to make their own quiet times a daily antidote against the very loud noise of pessimism from the social media and cable news outlets.

Playing music and singing songs are like metaphysical antioxidants. They clean out the junk, the heavy metals (no pun intended) inside our brain and our soul… the worries (and often lies) that weigh heavy upon us. 10-15 minutes of prayer or contemplative music does wonders for our spirit-person… for I know that if I can manage this practice each morning before I brave the world… I am able to arm myself with shield and sword and, rediscover that priceless childlike perspective and countenance I once so cherished. 

I will keep adding these languid song-prayer-sessions to this strange album and my hope is that listeners can find a way into their own special quiet places and or become contagious carriers of peace and hope into their own communities, real or virtual.

Much love… and be safe out there.



released April 3, 2020


all rights reserved



Chris Falson Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriter, studio musician, composer, producer, entrepreneur, church-planter, touring artist, published author.

With 14 solo albums to date, Chris has performed all around the world for audiences of between one and one hundred thousand. Highlights include Wembley Stadium, The LA Coliseum, Shea Stadium, a bell tower in Burglen and for Pope John Paul’s visit to the US in ’93.
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