Prisoner of Hope

by Chris Falson

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April 2004 we, The Oxygen Thieves invaded the McSparren household just off the Miracle Mile, filling every available space with electric and acoustic noise makers. All the songs were recorded live…. you know… like the good old days….. fixing only the really bad bits and adding a harmony or solo once we had all agreed ( a miracle in itself) on a good take. We wanted the album to sound true and organic and so have left alone the very human aspects of jamming, the natural ambiance of city traffic and bird life and of course the occasional slamming of doors and creaking of chairs. All of these songs were written for people I have met in my travels over the past year or so.
1.Back on My Feet 2.Rhythms of Grace 3.Come Home 4.Love Found Me 5.Only Love 6.Prisoner of Hope 7.Change the World 8.You All Along 9.It’s a Beautiful Day 10.The Path


released October 10, 2004

Executive Producers: Andre Begert and Michael Campion
Produced by Chris Falson and the Oxygen Thieves
Engineers: Dave Raven, Hank Linderman
Assistant Engineer: Andre Begert
Mixed and Mastered by Hank Linderman @ Parsons Green, Culver City, CA
The Oxygen Thieves:
Drums, percussion, vocals: Dave Raven
Bass, Guitarron: Neville L'Green
Wurlitzer, B3, Accordian: Lew Rusko
Guitars, Sitar, Cuattro, Vocals: Chris Falson

Additional Musicians.
Mandolin: Andre Begert
Acoustic Guitar: Michael Campion
Slide Guitar: Hank Linderman
BV's: Randall Kirsch and Jaynee Thorne
Photography and Art Design : Aaron Gautschi and James Alexander Langteaux



all rights reserved


Chris Falson Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriter, studio musician, composer, producer, entrepreneur, church-planter, touring artist, published author.

With 14 solo albums to date, Chris has performed all around the world for audiences of between one and one hundred thousand. Highlights include Wembley Stadium, The LA Coliseum, Shea Stadium, a bell tower in Burglen and for Pope John Paul’s visit to the US in ’93.
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Track Name: Back On My Feet
Back On My Feet
© 2004 Chris Falson
Leather Chair Songs

I take no satisfaction to see another fall
One who was so tall?
I won’t pride myself watching his demise?
And me so wise

And when I’m down and out
I hope somebody reaches out
And takes me by the hand
And lifts me up
And gets me back on my feet

I take no delight to view a man’s decline
One who was so fine
Who am I to think I am better than the rest
When the least is best

And when I’m down and out
I hope somebody reaches out
And takes me by the hand
And lifts me up
And gets me back on my feet

Wouldn’t it be nice?
That when a brother fails
We pool our resources
And we go and fill his sails
Track Name: Rhythms of Grace
The Rhythms of Grace
© Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

Heavy heart filled with pain
All bound up in your human stain
Get behind me
Match my step

To the rhythms
To the rhythms
To the rhythms
Of grace

Still held captive by those fears
World opinion ringing in your ears
Get behind me
Match my step

To the rhythms....

And soon the only reason
To look back will be
For you to see yourself
And marvel at the change

Broken windows to your soul
You’re looking tired and your feeling old
Get behind me
Match my step

To the rhythms....
Track Name: Love Found Me
Love Found Me
Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

I went searching for wisdom
I cried out to her night and day
I waited at the city gates
hoping she would pass my way

then I found love
yeah I found love
or should I say
love found me

I gave myself to religion
became a follower of the word
I tried so hard to live up to
everything that I heard

then I found love.....

I chased after freedom
Until I became it’s slave
I made everybody follow me
just for freedom’s sake

then I found love.....

I went looking for justice
so I entered the law
I became it’s advocate
I partitioned the highest court

then I found love.....
Track Name: Come Home
Come Home
©Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

Now you’re tearful and afraid
sleepless in the bed you made
and you don’t have the strength
to ask for help

Come home my daughter
come home my son
come home my darling young one

I Know your feeling awful bad
losing everything you had
and you cannot see your way
through the clouds

Come home....

You don’t have to carry that weight
on your own
It was meant for two
and I will carry you

Will you stay out in the cold
let your bitterness grow old
or will you let yourself
be loved

Come home....
Track Name: Only Love
Only Love
© Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

If love is patient and love is kind
if love is selfless and love is blind
then I need love to carry me
over troubles

Only love
Only love
Only love can help me now

If love can forgive and forget
if love is generous without regret
then I need love to carry me
over troubles

Only love....

it's a mystery
how life can be
who can see
unless the light of love
shines on our path

If love won't look back and love won't end
if love would trust me like a friend
then I need love to carry me
over troubles

Only Love...
Track Name: Prisoner of Hope
Prisoner of Hope
© Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

Even when the sun goes down
On everything that you and I believe in
We hold on
And even though the darkness falls around us
And we cannot see the light
We hold on

We are prisoners of hope
We can’t let go of all the promises
That have carried us this far
We are soldiers of love
We won’t give up on all the people
Who belong inside our hearts

Even if we go to war
And we are faced with sacrifice again
We hold on
And though we may not see the ones we love again
Until we meet on high
We hold on

And we owe it to ourselves
Not to throw it all away
When the going gets too tough
And when we can’t go on
There will always be someone
Who will carry us
The rest of the way

They live on inside our hearts
Track Name: Change the World
Change the World
© Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

We look in the mirror
And we don’t like what we see
So afflicted by the beautiful
People on TV

But if we all be who we are meant to be
We could be something special
If we all love how we would like to be loved
We could change the world

The grass is always greener
In our neighbors yard
We hate to see him prosper
When we work just as hard

But if we.........

And if that rain could wash the dust
Out of my eyes then I could see myself

Surrounded by the voices
Who tell us how to behave?
And how we’ll only make it
If we become their slave
Track Name: You All Along
You All Along
© Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

I wanted to sing my own tunes
Never thought I’d make it anywhere soon
After knocking on industry doors
And being told I wasn’t what we’re looking for

But somebody was out there for me
Singing my song
When I thought it was all down to me
It was you all along

In my first band the manager said
Maybe you should hire a singer instead
Stick to writing and playing guitar
A voice like yours will never go too far

But somebody was out there for me
Singing my song
And when I thought it was all down to me
It was you all along

You hold the rights to the show
We now rehearse
The big promoter of the universe

I had stories I wanted to tell
But nobody was buying what I had to sell
I saw things in the heart of a man
Only a sinner would understand
Track Name: It's a Beautiful Day
It’s a Beautiful day
© Chris Falson 2004

Don’t care if the sun do shine
Or it hides itself behind those storm clouds
Don’t care if it turns to rain
Cats and dogs all over my parade

It’s a beautiful day
Yes it’s a beautiful day

Don’t care if the money’s all gone
And there’s no way I can pay the bills today
Take the shirt right off my back
Leave me here with this old gunnysack

It’s a beautiful day
Oh yes it’s a beautiful day

I confess to drinking new wine
And though I am getting drunk
The after effects are divine

Don’t care if I ruin my name
And everything that once was dear to me
But even if I lose my friends
And if all my dreams comes to an end

It’s a beautiful day
Yes it’s a beautiful day
Track Name: The Path
The Path
© Chris Falson 2004
Leather Chair Songs

There is a path I long to follow
If I ever chance to find
And though its way is oh so narrow
It offers peace of mind

Too many miles on open highways
Often with a heavy load
Surely missing every sign post
Leading to that road

That lonesome trail I know it beckons
For me to leave all this behind
The only treasure I’ll have to carry
A little peace of mind