One Moment

by Chris Falson

I See The Lord Chris Falson © Maranatha! Music 1993 I see the Lord Seated on the throne Exalted And the train of His robe Fills the temple with glory And the whole earth is filled And the whole earth is filled And the whole earth is filled With His glory Holy, holy, holy, holy Holy is the Lord Holy, holy, holy, holy Holy is the Lord
Let The Spirit Rain © 2009 Chris Falson Leather Chair Songs I’ve been waiting a long time For this day to come When the spirit rain Falls down on everyone While some will have visions And others have dreams We will bathe ourselves In the kingdom streams Let it Rain, let it rain Let the spirit rain fall on me (X2) I can sense it in creation That it won’t be long I can hear it as the wind blows In the earth’s new song For all who’ve been thirsty You will thirst no more For this is the hour You’ve been waiting for Let it Rain… There’s a cloud in the distance I hear a thunder roll There’s an ache in my spirit A thirst in my soul I got to shout from the rooftops And tell everyone Prepare your hearts now The spirit comes Let it Rain…
I Will Wake in the Morning Chris Falson © 1997 Chris Falson Music I will wake in the morning One purpose in mind To seek my saviors dwelling place And I will not rest Until I find A way into his holy place Where the seraphim and the cherubim Lay prostrate at his feet And there I’ll fall To my face And worship him And I’ll wait Upon my Lord As his glory fills This temple
One Moment With You Chris Falson © 2009 Leather Chair Songs One moment here with you is all I need One moment with you Lord is all I need One moment in your arms one moment at your feet one moment in your throne room Is all I need (Rpt) One moment in your presence is like a thousand years in paradise the world just fades away as your spirit in me comes alive
Lord of My Life © 2009 Chris Falson Time to let go Time to move on I want the King of Kings to be the Lord of my Life Not looking back I'm ready for change I want the King of Kings to be the Lord of my Life Not in control Let go of the wheel I want the King of Kings to be the Lord of my Life All of my riches All that I've gained I want the King of Kings to be the Lord of my Life I'm letting Go And letting you Take me All of my sorrow And all of my pain I want the King of Kings to be the Lord of my Life All that is hidden Covered in shame I want the King of Kings to be the Lord of my Life I'm letting Go And letting you Take me


During the summer of 2011 we had the keys to a friend’s house in the hills of Carpinteria. Most weekends we would escape the hubbub of Los Angeles for the tranquil vibes of humming birds, wind in the willows (gum trees actually) and long walks around the mesa. One week, while my wife was away visiting family I decided to have a time of quietness… kind of a retreat up in these hills… and to experiment recording my personal worship times without the assistance of a recording engineer. So I set up my portable recording studio in the living room overlooking the coast of Santa Barbara (its tough but someone has to do it)… placed a few mic’s for vocals and guitar… and just sat there for hours singing my favorite worship songs and hymns to God… and this album is the result.

It’s completion is another story. While I had some deep ‘moments’ with God I couldn’t really hear anything of beauty in these tracks. As is often typical for an ‘artist’, I was too close to them. These recordings remained on my hard drive for over a year until two good friends, Gavin and Natalie Fuller emailed me to say how much they loved my new album. “What new album” I replied. It turns out that I had mistakingly added these files to a batch of Quicktime files Gavin needed for a project we were co-producing. My next step was to get a ‘second opinion’ and so I took the tracks around to my studio engineer friend Tony Green… told him the ‘saga’… and as he listened (and mastered the album)… he told me… in a nice way… that I was an idiot for holding back this album. That why we need good friends!


released January 7, 2014

Vocals and Guitar: Chris Falson


all rights reserved



Chris Falson Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriter, studio musician, composer, producer, entrepreneur, church-planter, touring artist, published author.

With 14 solo albums to date, Chris has performed all around the world for audiences of between one and one hundred thousand. Highlights include Wembley Stadium, The LA Coliseum, Shea Stadium, a bell tower in Burglen and for Pope John Paul’s visit to the US in ’93.
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