Rescue Me

by Chris Falson



A journey of rest, belief and healing, both inner and 'outer'


released February 1, 2011

Rescue Me

Breathe In
Rescue Me
I Want to Believe
Unconditional Love **
Peace of God ***
In This Moment
I Surrender All *
The Name

All songs written by Chris Falson *
(c) Leather Chair Songs 2009
* Traditional, ** (c) 2000, *** (c) 1990

(P) (c) The Orchard T0CD1006
Sounds Dangerous

Vocals: Sandra Stephens, Chris Falson, Sam Sparro
Pianos: Susan Constantini Green
Drums/Percussion: David Raven
Acoustic/Electric bass: Tony Green
Guitars/Keys: Chris Falson
Engineers: David Raven, Tony Green, Chris Falson
Mixed by: Tony Green and Chris Falson
Mastered by: Hank Linderman
Artwork: Aaron Monroy-3Ring Circus

Big thanks to the Ruskos, Gurleys, Davenports, James Alexander Langteaux, C3 LI, John Sideropoulos and 3 Ring Circus, Damian Allen, Susan, Tony, Sandra, Dave and a cast of thousands.



all rights reserved


Chris Falson Los Angeles, California

Singer-songwriter, studio musician, composer, producer, entrepreneur, church-planter, touring artist, published author.

With 14 solo albums to date, Chris has performed all around the world for audiences of between one and one hundred thousand. Highlights include Wembley Stadium, The LA Coliseum, Shea Stadium, a bell tower in Burglen and for Pope John Paul’s visit to the US in ’93.
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Track Name: Breathe In
Breathe In
Breathe Out
Track Name: Rescue Me
Rescue Me

I built a wall
I would not get hurt again
now I can't get out
and no one can get in

but what can i do
is there nobody who
can rescue me

I'm walking in circles
no longer trusting what I see
the good from the evil
the forest for all the trees

with so much confusion
trapped in my illusion
please rescue me

if I could cry then I'd shed tears
for the loss of all those missing years
a prisoner of my fears
is anyone out there
can anyone rescue me

I'm buried alive
I cannot roll way the stone
it's not want of trying
but I cannot do it on my own

could you break through these clouds
and unwrap these shrouds
and rescue me
Track Name: I Want To Believe
I Wanna Believe

I say I need you
more than all the air I breathe
but you know me
I can't hide (from you) my unbelief
you know I want to, I want to, Lord you know it's true
I really wanna to believe

remove these doubts Lord
put 'em somewhere I can't see
or maybe I'm blind Lord
and you're right here (standing) in front of me
you know I want to, I want to, Lord you know it's true
I really wanna to believe

I want, I want, I want, I want...
You know I want to
so badly to believe

what will it take Lord
I'm so desperate to be free
what must I let go, or give up
just say it Lord...and I will agree
you know I want to, I want to, Lord you know i do
I wanna to believe
you know I want to, I want to, Lord you know it's true
I wanna to believe
you know I want to, I want to, Lord you know i do
I'm ready to receive
Track Name: Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love

When I was unlovable
Love found me
It ran to me from afar
When I was an enemy
And though my heart
Was black inside
Love found
No reason why
It couldn’t give me

Unconditional love

And even when I run away
Love finds me
Though shame I am deserving
It’s mercy I receive
And though I don’t have the will
To go on
Love gathers me
Up in it’s arms

Unconditional love
Track Name: Peace of God
Peace of God

Come to me
Weary and burdened
And I will give you rest
Come on in
All who are troubled
And I will give you rest

For my yoke is easy
And my burden is light
Enter in
And the peace of God
Will fall on you

Falling falling
Falling on you
The peace of God is falling
Falling falling on you

Come to me
All you broken hearted
And I will give you strength
And if you cannot make it
Through another day
I will carry you
Track Name: In This Moment
In This Moment

Oh Lead me Lord please show me how
to find my way here and now
to live each this as the last
with no future and no past

Only you only me
and what we share in the moment

I pray that this could be the hour
I come to know your healing power
Oh help me Lord to let this be
so you can have your way with me

Only you Only me
and what we share in this moment
Track Name: I Surrender All
I Surrender All
- Words by Judson W. Van DeVenter, 1896
- Music by Winfield S. Weeden, 1896
Arrangement by Chris Falson 2011

All to Jesus I surrender
All to you I freely give;
I will ever love and trust you,
In your presence daily live.

I surrender all, I surrender all;
All to you, my blessed Savior,
I surrender all.

All to Jesus I surrender;
Make me, Savior, wholly Thine;
Let me feel your Holy Spirit,
Truly know your love is mine.

I surrender all, I surrender all;
All to you, my blessed Savior,
I surrender all.
Track Name: The Name
The Name

It's just a name
a simple name
but once invoked
I've not been the same

it's just two syllables
it makes no sense at all
why do I love to sing
that simple name

Jesus, Jesus
I love to sing your name
Jesus, Jesus
I love to sing your name

not just any name
not just any name
ain't it strange but
there's something about that name

when I'm lonely when I'm I'm sad
or on the best day I've ever had
I like to call upon that name
the name above all other name
Track Name: Shine

Now the sun breaks through
let it shine on you
don't step away
this is your day

Hallelujah (repeat)

You have travelled far
it's who you are
now it's your time
your time to shine

Hallelujah (repeat)

Let this be a sign
you're still a favorite of mine
you're not too young or old
your story's yet to be told